About This Blog

About Me
Hi, My name is Agung from Jakarta. I was a former student SMK Tanjung Priok I. I started to blog in 2011 and now i still in the learning phase

About this Blog
This blog was established in the year 2011 I created this blog because I like to read and write (despite my bad writing and the language is still random mess because it is still in the learning phase :3) This blog has 3x changing the title from "blognyaxti3","blosemmur", and now the official "Info Semesta". This blog contains a wide variety of content, ranging from Info, Software, Tricks, and Tutorials are packed in a compact and attractive.
If there are words and phrases that are confusing mess please understand because I am still in the learning process.
If you want to know me more please contact me here, or you can also become my facebook friends and you also can follow the twitter account and my gmail account